Treatment spotlight: Derma Roller

Treatment spotlight: Derma Roller

On looks alone, you could be forgiven for wanting to steer clear of the Derma Roller. But, as the saying goes; never judge a book by its cover! The Derma Roller is in fact a skin roller consisting of multiple small (micro) needles, which range in size from 0.15mm to 1.5, depending on the target area and nature of application.

Derma Rollers are perfect for collagen induction therapy (CIT), a treatment reliant upon micro needling, to promote self-regeneration. Simply put; the tiny needles on the roller lightly pierce the skin causing nerve-stimulus, which in turn encourages the regeneration of skin around the treated area through the natural release of collagen. Over time, this creates a thicker layer of skin, which is great for dealing with troublesome imperfections, and filling wrinkles and stretch marks, naturally. It’s also worth noting that Derma Rollers can accentuate the effects of skin creams, by promoting a deeper level of absorption.

Will a Derma Roller work for me?

It can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions, from imperfections to irrigation. See below for a list of applicable treatments:

  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Anti-Wrinkle treatment
  • Anti-Aging treatment
  • Hair Loss treatment
  • Hair restoration
  • Cellulite treatment and reduction
  • Scar removal

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