Lip fillers – how will I look straight after the treatment?

Lip fillers – how will I look straight after the treatment?

Lip fillers – one of the hottest and most popular cosmetic procedures currently available on the market. If you haven’t had any cosmetic procedures done before it can be a daunting process and you’re bound to have several questions before booking in for the treatment.

One of the most common questions surrounding lip fillers, how will I look straight after the treatment? This obviously depends on several factors such as your natural lip size and shape, the amount of filler you’re having and of course, yourself! As with any treatment, everyone is different and what may have looked good on your friend who had her lips done a few weeks ago, will look different on you.

Janne, who is the registered nurse at Harpenden Skin Clinic, ensures that all procedures are unique to the client she is treating as well as approaching each treatment with a “less is more” ethos.

Straight after having a lip filler procedure at Harpenden Skin Clinic, you’ll see your desired results however you may experience some swelling within a few hours. This is completely normal and severity will depend on each individual but can last from 1-3 days. At Harpenden Skin Clinic, you will always be given post-treatment instructions which are detailed and will give you peace of mind.  The most important things to avoid for at least six hours’ post-treatment is putting makeup over the treated area, hot baths, alcohol, showers, saunas and exercise. 

As a result of lip fillers being one of our most popular treatments, we decided to launch our very own “Lip Lounge” clinic which is held monthly. This clinic has been designed to educate those who are either interested in having it done or have doubts. We talk about the process, what’s involved and can answer questions in detail as well as offering slots for the treatment itself.

If you would like to know more about lip fillers or would like to inquire about the next Lip Lounge, contact a member of our team today. You can reach us by calling 01582 822000 or emailing us at



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