Lip Fillers Hertfordshire – Helping You Enhance Your Natural Features

Lip fillers Hertfordshire wide are the perfect answer for enhancing the natural beauty of one of your most prominent facial features. When undertaken by a qualified and experienced professional these fillers create fuller lips that can brighten and enhance your entire face, as well as giving you a more perfect smile. However, the key is finding the right professional to undertake your treatment.

Lip Fillers And Enhancements, With Janne

Janne is one such qualified professional who can provide high quality lip fillers in Hertfordshire, which can transform your entire appearance and boost your confidence.

While there are many benefits to undertaking procedures such as lip fillers, the top 3 Benefits are:

  • Gives your lips a more hydrated, fuller, softer overall look.
  • Our hyaluronic acid-based products provide a reversible and temporary treatment.
  • It will provide your face with a simply more youthful look by improving the natural appearance of your lips.

The treatments offered at the Harpenden Skin Clinic will certainly boost the natural look of your lips, whether this be through our lip plumping filler or a contouring treatment. Hyaluronic acid-based products are used within these procedures as they restore definition to your lips, including the volume of the vermillion border and the cupid’s bow!

Before we get started on the procedure itself, you might be wondering how long will any of these treatments will actually last. Well, this will vary from person to person and is all dependent on your metabolism. On average though, the results should last up to six months.

Simple And Effective Method For Improving The Look Of Your Lips

If you’re looking for fuller and more attractive lips then lip fillers Hertfordshire based treatments are definitely for you. The use of dermal fillers in our treatments mean your lips will feel a lot more hydrated and softer on a day to day basis. We only use the best products for our customers and our two types of dermal filler (Juvederm and Restylane) have been supported by years of clinical research and data, making them the go-to product in the facial aesthetics industry.

Procedures such as lip fillers St Albans wide are not very complex and will begin with a full consultation, allowing you to understand your treatment options before a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the lip area. Then, a small amount of our dermal filler is administered into the lip in order to create your desired look.

Perfect Lip Filler Results With Harpenden Skin Clinic

The results will be visible immediately. It is common for the area to be slightly swollen and red straight after the treatment, however, with the aid of ice packs and some gentle massaging you’ll be back to normal in approximately one day! You’ll be given a set of a post-treatment instructions which will advise you on any do’s and don’ts for the days after the procedure. You’ll be enjoying your new look in no time at all!

To benefit from fuller lips, enhanced features and boosted confidence, don’t delay book your lip fillers Hertfordshire based appointment today with Janne! Call 01582 822000, or email for more information at

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