HydraFacial, a unique, feel-good treatment that provides instant results, improving the overall appearance and health of your skin in just under an hour. HydraFacial is a world-renowned aesthetic facial treatment that is available in 75 countries worldwide, leaving thousands of patients with brighter, more hydrated and healthier skin.

This treatment is remarkably popular due to the fact that it’s suitable for any skin type to enjoy and reap the many benefits. Therapists can also advance the treatment where necessary to address specific skin conditions by adding in extra steps such as a superficial skin peel or DermaLux light therapy. Whether you’re looking to improve your skin’s overall health with regular monthly treatments or simply for a pre-event glow, the HydraFacial is guaranteed to provide you with incredible results instantaneously.

The unique and innovative three-stage process consists of detoxifying, extraction and hydration with different tips for the probe, designed to suit each stage. During the detoxifying stage, lymph drainage is performed. This not only drains unwanted toxins, helping to boost the overall health of the skin but also prepares the skin for the next stages by softening the cells, allowing products to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide maximum effectiveness.

Extraction is then performed cleaning up the skin by sucking out impurities, dead skin cells and stubborn blackheads as the technician works their way through the different parts of the face, including those hard to reach areas where dead skin cells and congestion build up.

The final and hydration stage of the Hydrafacial delivers the skin with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants. This hydrates and replenishes with critical nutrients, leaving you with fresh, gleaming skin.

Many of us are unaware that we’re exposed to damaging free radicals on a daily basis in the form of pollutants and toxins, which is just one of the reasons why it is so vital for our skin to be replenished with nourishing antioxidants, making HydraFacial the ideal treatment enhance and maintain optimum skin health.

This is also a zero downtime treatment and although some will experience redness, it subsides within the hour and you will be left with skin that not only looks good but also feels good thanks to the numerous health benefits that it provides.

If you would like to know more about HydraFacial and how it can benefit you, contact a member of our team today. You can reach us by calling 01582 822000 or emailing us at info@harpendenskinclinic.com.

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