How to prep your skin, for the winter

How to prep your skin, for the winter

After an unseasonably warm September, we think it’s fair to say that the weather is now finally taking a turn for the chillier side; meaning there is no better time than now to prep your skin and get it ready to face the freeze this winter!
Blustery winds and icy temperatures combined with central heating strips the skin of your natural dewy glow still lingering from the summer – and instead leaves the skin looking dry, grey and in need of some serious TLC.
But let’s be real here: It’s not just the weather that can affect our skin in the cold season… What about your change in diet and lifestyle? With Christmas rapidly creeping up on us (just less than 3 months to go, ladies!) – it’s only inevitable that we’re going to be feasting on the more ‘indulgent’ foods, and perhaps feeling more stress to ensure you and your family have the perfect holiday at home. Sugar + stress = bad news for your skin!
However, this can all be reduced, simply by taking a little time to be prepared and get ahead of the game before it’s too late. Here are a few of our favourite ways to do so…

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Your skin is going to need a hell of a lot more moisturising to fight the harsh winter winds and electric office heaters. If you use a light moisturiser, try switching to a more intensive cream – and take a little ‘me time’ each week to do a face mask to keep your skin nicely hydrated. Better still, why not try our Skin Boosting facials for the ultimate boost?

Exfoliation is key

Want that silky smooth feel that makes applying makeup feel like a dream? A good quality exfoliator is your new best friend! Scrub your face with an exfoliator twice a week before moisturising to get rid of those dead skin cells and give you that youthful glow in an instant. Easy, but effective!

Don’t forget your SPF

Just because the sun is hiding behind the sheet of grey winter sky, it doesn’t mean the harmful UV rays can’t get to your skin – so be sure to invest in a high-quality SPF. Sun damage can be ageing and strip your skin of its natural oils, so applying a cream before your makeup is just as important now as it is when you’re tanning it up in Spain!

Eat beautiful

Take care of your body from the inside and try to fill your plate with a vibrant array of vegetables, good quality lean protein (think organic meat, pulses, oily fish, and pasture raised eggs) and healthful fats to get you glowing on the outside. Then when you do treat yourself come Christmas – you know you’re still getting in those vital nutrients needed for beautiful skin. It goes without saying that keeping hydrated is also super important… So keep your water bottle topped up with filtered water (add slices of lemon if you get bored easily!) and stock up on herbal teas to warm you up and show your skin some love.

What are your favourite ways to promote healthy skin in the winter? We want to hear from you!

Team HSC x

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