How sensible do I need to be in summer when it comes to skincare?

How sensible do I need to be in summer when it comes to skincare?

Summer is well and truly here and what a summer we’ve had so far! This is before most people’s summer holiday have arrived and some of which will be set to scorch even more. We all know the danger of unprotected skin during these months with skin cancer and premature ageing being the main culprits, but how careful are we really being, especially with our face?

Most people tend to have their daily set skincare routine which seems to work for their skin, but what is most shocking is the lack of awareness of the importance of applying a decent SPF on the face, every single day. Wind, rain or shine and throughout all of the seasons, your skin needs to be protected from UVA, UVB rays and free radicals, especially during the summer months.

Sun damage is something that is built up over time. Repetitive damage occurs from UVB exposure exceeding your skins protection ability, which is when we get sunburn. UVA rays then attack the dermis, where skin collagen and elasticity is located, and free radicals are then released resulting in damaged skin cells. Although this isn’t visible straight after a rosy looking face following a sunny afternoon on the beach, you’ll begin to see damage over time which most commonly will show as pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Prevention is easier than reversal, couldn’t be more of a truer saying. Although there are some fantastic treatments and products on the market now thanks to scientific developments, the best way to prevent damage and stay healthy is to apply SPF on your face every day. It is recommended to use factor 50 on the face due to how sensitive our skin is, which really puts it into perspective of the difference between wearing nothing!

Here at Harpenden Skin Clinic, we have a few different ranges of cosmeceutical products. One of our favourites is Heliocare which provides superior sun protection for all skin types and has a slight tint, so you can give your skin a break in summer and swap your foundation for SPF. With the amazing SkinCeuticals range, products such as cE Ferulic add additional protection to SPF.

Do you suffer from sun damage such as pigmentation or premature ageing? See how we can help you with our wide range of advanced skin care treatments and ranges. Or speak to a member of our team today to find out more about the importance of skincare in summer.

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