Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder distinguished by excessive sweating, which can affect just one specific area or the whole body. This condition can be uncomfortable and cause embarrassment.

There isn’t a cure for this condition but it can be treated to provide relief using Anti Ageing Treatments, which needs repeating every three to six months for maximum effect.

What is Anti Ageing Treatments?

We often hear the word ‘Anti Ageing Treatments’ used in the media, but what actually is it?

‘Botulinum toxin type A’ is it’s official name and it’s a procedure completed via administered into the skin. The drug itself has been used for a number of years as a way of treating muscle spasms which have an effect on the neck, eyes, face and neck problems for children who suffer from cerebral palsy. It is, however, most commonly known for it’s cosmetic uses.

How does Anti Ageing Treatments work for Hyperhidrosis?:

As small doses are inserted into the skin, it blocks nerves that supply the eccrine glands; preventing these glands from producing sweat. These glands are actually in the skin not being underneath the skin. You can start enjoying a period free from sweat!

The procedure:

Each treatment begins with a comprehensive thirty-minute consultation before any medical work is carried out to determine where the sweating occurs at its worst.

The area to be administered, will firstly be cleaned to avoid any infection. A very fine needle will be used to introduce the Anti Ageing Treatments into the skin. The procedure most commonly takes places with sweating under the arms, around 15 will be administered in each armpit and it is all over very quickly! We can also treat excessive sweating in the hands and feet.

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