About us

The reason you’re here is probably because you are considering cosmetic enhancement that will ultimately boost your confidence from the inside and make you glow from the outside… But maybe you’re also feeling a little skeptical about how safe they actually are?

We totally get that it’s only natural to have those initial ‘what if?’ thoughts about whether a clinic and it’s practitioners will carry out your treatment in a professional and reliable way, and that’s exactly why our founder and aesthetic nurse practitioner Janne Richardson set out to start her very own skin clinic. Here at Harpenden Skin Clinic, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience using the latest technology that delivers the results you once desired – in a beautifully chic, relaxing and positive atmosphere.

From the initial consultation to the very end of the treatment; our well-qualified staff led by Janne herself are there to ensure you’re in the safest hands, and also that you feel completely comfortable and at ease through-out.

Of course, we always want what’s best for you and your individual needs – so before we undergo any treatment what so ever, we will firstly carefully analyse your skin and explain our recommendations; honest pros and cons of the procedure included.

We only ever offer treatments through the clinic after extensive research, training, and practical testing – purely because we feel that they are the treatments that will give you the ultimate best results, so you leave with a new sense of self-confidence and a radiant smile to match!