5 Reasons to Have Your Brows Microbladed

5 Reasons to Have Your Brows Microbladed

Microblading is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment for a wide range of reasons and it’s one of our (and our clients’!) current favourite treatment for the fabulous results it gives. So, if It’s something you’ve been thinking about, we’ve put together the top 5 reasons why Microblading is the best decision for beautiful eyebrows.

It’s long-lasting, without being permanent

Most of us have to either fill in our eyebrows with makeup daily or have them tinted regularly to give them more colour and thickness, both of which are quick fixes. Microblading is long lasting without being as permanent as eyebrow tattooing, which places pigment into a much deeper layer of the skin. After both your first treatment and top-up 4-6 weeks later, your new and natural looking eyebrows can last anywhere from 1-2 years and the pigment will gradually fade over time.
It’s recommended to have a yearly top-up or ‘colour boost’ to keep them looking their best.

Quick recovery

Microblading is a non-invasive treatment with instant results. With the help of topical numbing cream and the calming and professional surroundings of Harpenden Skin Clinic, clients can be in and out in as little as 2 hours. Initial recovery time (the time it takes for your scabs to come off and pigment to fully develop) is just 7-10 days. Within this time It’s important to not pick or touch the scabs and to try and keep the area as dry as possible.


Before any treatment goes ahead you’ll receive a one-to-one consultation with your therapist at Harpenden Skin Clinic.
They will closely work with you to figure out your individual brow shape that’s unique to your own facial symmetry and also based on your desired look.


The Microblading technique is carried out with a hand-held tool with a fine, curved head, made up of a number of tiny needles. The unique and delicate shape of the tool allows the technician to create fine and natural looking hair-like strokes, seamlessly blending in with your natural eyebrows and creating a thicker and more symmetrical look.

Not painless but not painful

It would be almost impossible to have any cosmetic procedure carried out with zero pain, as much as we’d love to be able too! However, pain is sufficiently minimised following the application of a topical numb cream 20 minutes or so before the procedure begins. This can be topped up throughout the treatment to ensure it doesn’t wear off depending on individual pain thresholds.

If you’d like to find out more about Microblading or to book in a consultation, call us today on 01582 822000 or email us at info@harpendenskinclinic.com where a member of our team will be on hand to help.

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