10 things you didn’t know about Anti Ageing Treatments

10 things you didn’t know about Anti Ageing Treatments

Although you may have seen how impactful the results can be when administered by a specialist, it’s entirely understandable that you may still be unsure about personally undergoing a treatment of this type.

When it comes to treatments like anti ageing treatments and lip fillers, there’s been no shortage of negative press over the years. With the rise of social media, coupled with the emergence of reality TV stars, it’s easy to find a horror story or disturbing image to put you off the idea. Unfortunately, bad news sells – a gossip column or news article (even a Tweet) will gain more traction if the context is negative or shocking. As the saying goes; no news is good news!

You’ll be relieved to know that instances like these are, in reality, few and far between. What the media don’t show you, is just how safe and comfortable treatments are, or at least should be, when carried out by learned specialists in a professional setting, and… on top of that, how subtle the results can be. The truth is, over a million men and women experience stunning results every year in the UK alone.

So, in an effort to allay some of your fears, we’ve listed 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about anti ageing treatments, that may change your perception and assist you in making an educated choice, where potential treatments are concerned.

  1. Many people are worried about bruising or tell-tale signs of treatment. You shouldn’t be! Although it’s common to see redness and light bruising around the treated area, this is easily hidden with makeup. At Harpenden Skin Clinic we apply a light layer of mineral makeup to our clients post treatment, which works perfectly.
  2. How long do you think anti ageing treatments take? You may be surprised… The average anti ageing treatments takes between 10-15 minutes, meaning you can schedule an appointment for your lunch break an be out in time to carry out your afternoon tasks.
  3. Many people suffer from a fear of needles, but these are virtually painless due to the incredibly fine needle used to administer the treatment.
  4. They are not permanent, so should you decide you want to discontinue your treatments, the effects will disappear over time.
  5. At Harpenden Skin Clinic, we adopt a ‘less is more’ policy, to ensure ‘trout pouts’ and expressionless faces are avoided. We look to enhance your natural beauty in a way that compliments your features. Such subtle changes can make a huge difference to your confidence!
  6. They don’t just improve the appearance of your skin… they also help to make it feel great! For example, our lip fillers not only plump the lips, they also help them to look and feel smooth and hydrated.
  7. The treatments take a number of days to develop fully – allowing for a subtle transition that won’t shock your friends, family and colleagues!
  8. Maintenance is easy and you won’t need regular top-ups. In fact, most Treatments last around 6 months, making them a cost effective option.
  9. We won’t do anything that isn’t right for the individual! A full consultation is required before the procedure begins.
  10. More people have anti ageing treatments than you might think. Millions of men and women, of all ages, for a variety of reasons, experience the benefits of anti ageing treatments each year, which demonstrates just how risk-free, effective and ‘normal’ it is in this day and age.

If you’d like to chat with a member of our team about our Anti ageing treatments, dermal fillers or lip enhancement treatments, call us on 01582 822 000 or get in touch to book a full consultation!


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